Amazon, Diabetes, and Ennui: A Hodgepodge of Thoughts

animal-cloudy-perched-92451Thoughts on a variety of things…

  • On the recommendation of fellow blogger Joanna, I recently started watching Fleabag on Amazon. Oh my word, y’all. I don’t watch much tv, and it really takes something special to suck me in. Consider me fully engrossed. When it came to Fleabag’s encounters with men, her rationalizations for her behavior, and her biting commentary delivered through frequent fourth wall breaks — it all reminded me so much of my own experiences, and at times, my inner voice.
  • I’m attending two fundraisers this week, one for a women’s health center and the other for JDRF, both causes that bring up mixed feelings for me. You can’t talk about women’s health without talking about abortion. I have no doubt that it will be discussed at the event because my state has recently signed a 6-week abortion ban into law. My thoughts on the matter can be summed up simply: chipping away at Roe v. Wade is an issue of control over women. I’ve never had an abortion, but I can’t say for certain that I wouldn’t ever. And not having ever stood in those shoes, I sure as hell wouldn’t attempt to legislate that decision-making process. My position is extremely unpopular in the evangelical community, so I keep pretty quiet about it at work. I’ve unfriended most of my co-workers, but we’ll see who remains after I post a picture from the event on Facebook or Instagram. Regarding JDRF, my niece is type-1, so I’m all about any kind of research that will cure diabetes in her lifetime. But I also see the greed and corruption among the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture critical medications for diabetics. I see 20-somethings dying from insulin rationing. I see my niece, who’s the same age as my oldest child, and my heart breaks. JDRF has to work with the same pharma companies that screw over patients — it’s a sort of deal with the devil situation. I hate that part of it, but I know that the folks at the fundraiser are well aware of the delicate dance between wanting a cure and wanting to survive until a cure is found. Sigh…
  • Who’s excited about The Goldfinch adaptation coming out in September?!? Ooh, me! Me! Honestly, the trailer was so vague and disconnected that I’m scaling back my expectations now. I’m definitely going to see it. I might even torture myself a bit by listening to the audiobook again this summer. I so rarely feel compelled to go see something in theatres anymore (with the exception of kids’ movies, which I seem to see consistently within weeks of their opening. My inner film nerd is deeply disappointed that this is what my film studies minor has come to) that I remarked to a colleague recently, “I’m turning into my mother.” Before I became a mother myself, I spent an inordinate amount of time watching movies in the theatre — had such a thing as MoviePass existed when I was younger, I would have died of happiness. I never understood how my mom had no sense of urgency to see a movie while it was still in theatres…but I get it now. Perhaps it has less to do with children and more to do with the generalized sense of ennui that comes with growing older, at least when it comes to keeping up with all things new. Just hearing the word “trendy” makes me cringe a bit and glance around for something solidly traditional, like a tailored blazer or an Otis Redding song or a physical book, for God’s sake.


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