Still Kicking


Let me just say that I’ve missed writing — and by extension, my writing community here. I did manage to get some reading done, though, which is noteworthy because I’ve been in a dry spell for the past six months. I’m reading (listening to, actually, because my life is ridiculous) The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. Aside from knowing very little Spanish and feeling a bit lost by the surprisingly large amount of untranslated Spanish dialogue, I am loving it. My mind keeps drifting to the narrators. I still haven’t been able to figure out how Yunior fits into the narrative structure, but I am approaching the end and will hopefully find out soon. Sooo…what are you reading?

In unrelated news, I was at a staff training today, and the speaker said something that has stuck with me since: naming something gives us power over that thing. If we can name something first, we control the story. This resonated with me because of my tendency to write as a means of understanding what’s happening. I often arrive at a conclusion in my blog, in real-time. I name something and then I get to steer where things go from there. I’m trying hard to resist linking back to one post in particular  to illustrate my point (meh, I never claimed to be strong-willed). The writing is cathartic, and perhaps that’s partly due to my naming things granting me control I didn’t previously possess.

Since I linked back to my infamous drama-filled New Year’s post, let me catch you up on what went down a few weeks ago when The Voyeur finally got around to reading my blog (this post, specifically). Well, after a few weeks of silence, he had amassed quite a collection of things to say to me. I’ll spare you the details, but it was mostly him lobbing criticism and anger in my direction because he was hurt. You know, normal-human-response-type-shit. When he tired of being angry, we were able to talk…like friends do. So despite my grim pronouncements about The Voyeur and FortyMatches being a thing of the past, we have patched things up. I know what you’re thinking: where is my resolve? First The Leo, now The Voyeur. What can I say? I’m an unapologetic softie and a sucker for taking the not-so-easy path. I regret nothing.

In extremely unrelated news, I am completely moved out of my old place. This does not mean that I’m fully moved in to the new place, but I’m taking the Dr. Leo Marvin approach to this. I have a lot to write about, so keep an eye out for a burst of relatively short blog posts within the next week.


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  1. Love the What About Bob? reference.


    1. fortymatches says:

      I think I’ve made a What About Bob? Reference at least once a month for the past 20+ years. 😆

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      1. Do you know how many people I talk to that never even heard of it? Wtf


      2. fortymatches says:

        Sad, sorry fools. Smh

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  2. James says:

    Last book, I read many years ago. As a working father with kids I made the transition to audiobooks of which I have spent a total of 5 months, 12 days, 10 hrs and 56 minutes of my life listing to 255 audio books!

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    1. fortymatches says:

      I’m a few months behind you in total listening time, haha. But I did finish Oscar Wao today, and it was fantastic. I have paper copies of Where the Crawdads Sing and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on my bedside table that I will attempt to finish over the next week. Finding time to sit down with a book is hard with kids. Sitting down at all is like a clarion call to everyone in the house to come interrupt you.

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