Once Bitten, Twice Shy

feet-2390697_1920Time for an update. I know things have been a bit glum here lately, but life is generally a grab bag of exultant and heart-wrenching, and my life is no exception, so here goes…

I’ve seen The Leo twice recently. While I’ve been working through the fallout from my complicated feelings toward The Voyeur, I’ve also been leaning on The Leo for support, advice, and encouragement. I can only imagine that it’s an odd sensation, to be pursuing someone and also reading her blog posts about this other guy and how much of her mental and emotional energy she apportions to him. Strange or not, The Leo and I are managing it well, getting to know one another, performing a delicate dance of desire (ours) and caution (mine). You see, the consequence of recognizing self-sabotage is, of course, self-doubt.

I’m hesitant to use words like potential or optimistic — if you’ve read through the forty, you’ll recognize them as standbys. I don’t want to make predictions — I’m always wrong. I’m taking this one day at a time, eyes wide open. But so far, only sweetness and connection and communication. Basically, so far…so good.


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