Three Lions, One Arrow

prague-2355458_1920You know how when you learn a new word, and you suddenly hear and see it all the time? In reality, the word was always there, but it was your awareness that changed. Astrological signs worked kind of like that for me. I’ve never thought much about them until this past year. As I began using dating apps, though, I noticed many of the people on them appeared to put a great deal of stock in the validity of the zodiac as a means of understanding someone and gauging compatibility. Tell me your birthday, and I certainly can’t identify your sign, much less tell you anything about it. The whole subject leaves me feeling too far behind to even try to catch up, especially since I give horoscopes about as much credence as the slip of paper in my fortune cookie.

What has me thinking about it now, though, is that when I wrote about The Leo, both the The Confidante and The Voyeur pointed out that they were Leos, too. How did I end up with so many Leos in my life? I decided to do a little digging.

The sum total of my astrological knowledge until now is that I am a Sagittarius. My ego led me to look myself up first, and what I found was a bit deflating: “excessively honest, resilient, impatient, adventurous, easily distracted, loyal but hesitant to commit.”

It appears that I am a textbook Sagittarius. To find such a painfully accurate snapshot of myself on an ad-cluttered website dedicated to divining meaning from the stars and planets was undeniably disappointing. So much for being unique. I was beginning to regret following this line of inquiry, so I quickly proceeded to research the traits of the Leo.

From what I can tell, they are opinionated, intuitive, loving, private, and generous. And just as quickly as I bought in, I am suddenly unimpressed with the zodiac as a means of understanding anyone. My three Leos are quite different from one another, and while each possesses at least one of the prominent Leo traits, none exemplifies the sign particularly well. And it still doesn’t help me explain the phenomenon of finding myself connected to so many lions in this season of my life. Whether it’s a statement on traits that I seek out or simply a matter of coincidence, I may never know.

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  1. I’m a textbook Sagittarius as well, going by that definition. I don’t know about the “hesitant to commit” part but the rest is spot on.


    1. fortymatches says:

      A bit depressing, no? To fit so squarely into a generic description based on our birthdays. Sigh. Thanks for reading! I love your blog.

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      1. I find it more fascinating than anything, even if I don’t set much stock by it. Always fun to think about though. And thanks! I’m enjoying yours too.

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