35. The Geek

video-games-1557358_1920I may have a bit of a thing for intellectual guys. They go by nerds (or blerds), geeks, or gamers, but there’s something about them that calls to me through my phone screen, and the temptation to swipe right is strong. I couldn’t tell you the difference between Marvel and DC Comics, I don’t play any video games, I mix up all the Star Wars movies, and my board game selection is mediocre. I am, however, a language nerd with a voracious appetite for information. So I like to think I can keep pace with the nerds, even if our nerdiness stems from unrelated fields of knowledge. It’s the nerd spirit that counts.

So when I saw The Geek’s profile, which featured him in full cosplay mode, I couldn’t help myself. Our first date was an impromptu beer at a dive bar in the city. We got off to a halting, awkward start but eventually clicked over our similar sense of humor. Afterwards, he walked me to my car and kissed me. It was electric, and I was hooked. We met again for brunch not long after that, and we eventually made our way to his place where we made quite a ruckus and ended up breaking his bed. As fun as that was…

Three things that were problematic about The Geek (one was related to his nerdiness and two weren’t):

  1. He went against my rule of not dating anyone who worked in food service/hospitality. This rule is based purely on said workers’ terrible schedules and availability that doesn’t mesh well with mine.
  2. As the owner of a Twitch channel (of course), he had a lot of high tech recording equipment, and I had the suspicion that I was constantly under surveillance.
  3. The more I got to know him, the more I could tell that he wasn’t likely to stay put. His wanderlust was strong, he’d lived all over, and I knew he had more traveling to do.

Ultimately, I called things off, and I felt justified when I saw later on Facebook that he had taken a few months off to travel through Europe. I don’t know that I learned much from my time with The Geek, except for learning what a Twitch channel is. On the other hand, I do think my ability to read him points to some growth. My track record hasn’t always shown much success with detecting red flags, but it figures that if I face the consequences of my ignorance enough, I should eventually get better at recognizing when someone’s not the one for me.

Happily, this isn’t a cautionary tale about the dangers of dating nerds. Mostly because, as I’m writing this, I’m currently hopeful about one nerd in particular (hi*).

*Oh, that “hi”? That was for the guy who I invited to read my blog before we even met in person. Because clearly I’ve reached a new level of crazy in my approach to dating. Or maybe not. More on that in the coming weeks. For now, this will probably round out my blogging for 2018. See you next year.

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