9. The Confidante: An Origin Story

food-2758163_1920One of my favorite things to have come out of The Year of Living Promiscuously is my relationship with The Confidante. He was one of my first matches. In fact, I met him on the same day that I had my first coffee with The Runner.

He planned an ambitious first date: dinner, bowling, improv comedy show. We did a little improv of our own and cut out the bowling in favor of a meandering trip through Target, during which I purchased a fantastic conversation starter and a head scratcher that has since disappeared and cat leggings — which, in case you are wondering, are cat-patterned leggings for humans rather than leggings you would put on a cat.

Everything was good, but for reasons I shall not presently delve into, it wasn’t a romantic connection (from my perspective). When he asked me out again, I agonized over my reply, settling on something lame along the lines of “you’re great, but I’m just not feeling it.” He was gracious and said that we should be friends. I hadn’t had male friends since high school, was out of practice, and took his words as a platitude. And then, to my surprise, we became friends. I can’t recall how exactly that happened, but I’ll always be grateful that it did.

I have lots to share about The Confidante, who remains a daily touchstone of sanity and wisdom and laughter and sympathy and authenticity, but I’ll save it for other posts. Like any good super hero, I felt The Confidante deserved his own origin story. And since I know he’ll read this, I hope I did it justice.




9 Comments Add yours

  1. srijan says:

    hello. so, if you wont mind, can we now maybe talk somewhere?


    1. fortymatches says:

      Hi Srijan — feel free to message me using the contact link on my site. 😊


      1. srijan says:

        will text you. thankyou.


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